Artflex software - Plugins para creación de códigos de barras, QR codes y cotas en Adobe Illustrator y Adobe InDesign

Plugins for Adobe illustrator and InDesign

Plugins for barcodes, códigos QR y scale measurements.

What is the problem?

Many designers struggle and spend a lot of time designing barcodes and QR codes for their packaging or box designs, as well as sizing. This makes the task very tedious and time consuming for the designer.

What do we need?

To solve this we have 3 plugins for Illustrator, each one solves a different problem, BarCode makes barcodes very easily, QR+Datamatrix makes QR codes very easily, and Quick dims measures and puts dimensions to each object of the design, facilitating greatly this task.

Impulse su trabajo en Adobe Illustrator e InDesign con la opción de código de barras.

Diseñado para crear códigos de barras de forma rápida y sencilla con Adobe Illustrator e InDesign en plataformas macOS y Windows, ArtFlex Barcode acaba con la tarea de cambiar entre aplicaciones que hace perder el tiempo. Con ArtFlex Barcode, puede crear cualquiera de una amplia gama de tipos de códigos de barras directamente en su documento.

Price: € 89,00

Experience a new world of 2D coding in Adobe Illustrator

The ArtFlex QR+DataMatrix plug-in for Adobe Illustrator is the fastest and easiest way to create accurate 2D codes. This easy-to-use ArtFlex plug-in enables integrated tagging of key features on mobile devices, such as geolocation or calendar events. Advanced features allow you to maintain full control over code generation.

Price: € 36,00

Experience a new world of 2D coding in Adobe Illustrator

With the ArtFlex Quick Dims plug-in, creating dimensions for Adobe Illustrator has never been easier. Created specifically for measuring and creating dimensions from the bounding boxes of graphic objects, our plug-in is really easy to use.

Take advantage of advanced interactive features and maintain full control over dimension creation.

Price: € 49,00

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