Saetas is a leading company in the production process automation market for the graphic communication industry. It offers innovative and customized solutions to help companies increase their productivity and efficiency.

The company has a team of technology and automation experts who work closely with its customers to understand their specific needs and offer solutions that are tailored to their requirements.

Among the solutions offered by Saetas are automated prepress systems, online printing solutions, production management software, and post-production process automation.

Saetas’ automated prepress system allows companies to streamline the production process of their print jobs by enabling automatic file uploading, print queue management, and automating file preparation tasks.

Saetas online printing solutions allow companies to automate the online printing of high-volume jobs, saving time and costs in the process.

Saetas production management software offers complete visibility of production processes, allowing companies to improve efficiency and reduce delivery times.

Finally, Saetas’ post-production process automation helps companies streamline tasks such as cutting, folding and binding, saving time and reducing errors.

In summary, Saetas offers a wide range of production process automation solutions for the graphic communication industry that can help companies increase their efficiency, reduce costs and improve the quality of their print jobs. If you are looking for automation solutions for your printing company, Saetas is an excellent option.

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