Color Logic is a German software company specializing in developing programs that streamline color management for graphic companies. Born as a family business in 2002 in Germany, it has been consolidating itself as a world-class company with an international team of color experts and developers, who create practical solutions to improve the productivity and sustainability of companies in the graphic sector.

Over the years, Color Logic has been developing various alliances worldwide, including the creation of CrossXColor, its subsidiary for North America, and the recent incorporation of the Hybrid Software Group, one of the world’s most important business groups in the graphics industry. In November 2021, Color Logic announced its alliance with Saetas, a specialized software distribution company for the graphics industry in Latin America.

Thanks to this alliance, companies in the graphic industry in Latin America will have the opportunity to access Color Logic software to improve their productivity and quality, with support and local service in their language by the Saetas team.

Saetas will distribute Color Logic’s three flagship products:

  • CoLorAnt enables you to correct and optimize color measurement, including editing and creating ICC color profiles, substrate correction, IVT curves, and many other key color management features that can be easily integrated into any workflow
  • CoPrA produces high-quality profiles for any graphic process, with just a few clicks on a wide variety of hardware and operating systems, with a friendly interface, through the DeviceLink standard. Generates ink-saving profiles, as well as specialized profiles for specific types of printing such as flexo.
  • ZePrA is a color server for automating conversions from one color space to another, optimizing data for PDF, and applying intelligent color conversions for images. Its sophisticated spot color rendering system uses state-of-the-art spectral color prediction technology

Businesses in Latin America can now request their trial of Color Logic software services

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