Nala Software

Simplify prepress and minimize errors

Automate press tasks to reduce production times

Manage online document approval with an integrated version control system, which allows you to collaborate with your operators and customers in an efficient and agile way.

. . .

Generate and control the traceability of each file modification in the production line to track any error or loss of information easily and quickly.

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Forget about maintenance and software update costs with our monthly rental model, which includes support and training to ensure you’re always up to date with the latest tools and improvements.

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Integrate Nala Software today and start optimizing Prepress

If you're ready to save time and improve quality in your workflow, contact us.

Approval Management

ERP Graphic Industry

Color Management

Harlequin RIP
“At Saetas, optimization is not just a buzzword, it’s our commitment to you.”
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