One of the greatest challenges that a printer faces is to calculate the quantities of inks that will be used for each job. A correct knowledge of this data will allow:

  • Make more realistic and therefore more competitive budgets, in a market with many printing options
  • Keep better inventory control to make resource management more efficient
  • Guarantee the complete production of each order without missing ink, in special inks that must be requested for each job

Nala is a prepress automation software that allows:

Identify all necessary inks, both CMYK and specialty inks and coatings (such as UV glosses).

Calculate the quantities of ink required, the result of which can be presented in metric or imperial units; in absolute area or as a percentage of the document; both for the unit and for the layout or Imposition.

This data is obtained automatically from the file received from the client and are updated when the file is modified by the prepress team.

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